By creating a Donor Advised Field of Interest Fund, you support a cause or area of interest close to your heart without naming a specific organization.

You identify an area of interest or a cause, and the Foundation researches specific charities that best address the needs within your area of interest. Grants are then made to organizations where they will have the most impact.
  • You can choose to remain involved in the grantmaking process, or you may prefer to leave the entire process up to the Foundation.
  • The scope of the charitable interest your fund addresses can be defined broadly (e.g. medical research) or narrowly (e.g. medical research related to Alzheimer’s Disease).
  • You leverage the Foundation’s expertise to maximize the effect of your grants.
  • The Foundation continues its research and monitors results to ensure that grants from your fund remain relevant in the future.
  • Grants can be made in your name or anonymously.
Gift Minimum: $25,000 per charitable field of interest

To discuss your options, please contact an LCF Gift Planner via email or by calling 800-365-4172. 



The Donor

A New Jersey woman had been passionately involved in animal welfare causes and organizations. She wanted to ensure an ongoing legacy to this cause.

Her Gift

  • Her bequest of $3.5 million created a Donor Advised Field of Interest Fund benefiting animal welfare and wildlife preservation.
  • Based on ongoing Foundation research, annual grants will be made to agencies protecting animals and wildlife.
  • She also took advantage of the Foundation's One-time Grant Option, indicating that her first grant should benefit ministries of the LC-MS.

The LCF will review applications from a variety of non-profit agencies, and make annual grants based on the merits of an agency's proposal, program and service quality, ability to maximize grant funding, and ability to achieve effective positive and lasting change.

More Donor Advised Funds

It Adds Up
*Assumes single gift of $10,000, 5% grant distributions, 8.3% investment return, 1% administration fee and no additional gifts