The LCF Education Fund addresses issues and needs in the area of education, including the distribution of scholarships. Grant distributions from these funds will be focused in the Lutheran community, based on criteria consistent with the Foundation's mission and vision.

The LCF is supporting the following efforts through the LCF Education Fund:

  1. LCF Scholarship Fund - High school graduating Seniors  - whose home church holds an active LCF organizational fund  - can apply for support for their undergraduate education at a Lutheran-affiliated college or university
  2. Endowment Laboratories  - Seminarians are frequently  not prepared  to raise funds for their congregations.   Through this fund, they are provided hands-on training experience to understand the value of a successful endowment.  (more...)
  3. Nurturing Future Philanthropists - Lutheran schools are in a unique position to teach and nurture a lifelong habit of giving. Through this fund, LCF teaches high school students in Lutheran High Schools how to be good givers to charities of their choice with LCF dollars.

Through this and its other Collaborative Funds, the LCF is addressing a number of pressing and unmet needs facing our shared community.  You can support this work through direct gifts, or by giving to the LCF Community Fund or Field of Interest Funds through your charitable fund at the LCF.  

Gifts of any size enable the LCF to continue tackling the changing needs of our community for generations to come.  For more information, please contact The LCF.

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Grants from Collaborative Funds

Endowment Laboratories - Pastor Testimonial