Lutheran Community Foundation Staff

Nineteen full and part-time staff members work with donors to carry out the Foundation's mission and vision. If you have a question or comment about the Foundation, please contact the appropriate staff member below.

Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director
612-844-4104, email

Kelly Klukas, Office Administrator
612-844-4134, email

Pat Norton, Office Administrator
612-844-4134, email

Charitable Giving Services

Cindy Aegerter, Gift Planner
612-844-4190, email

Cheryl Grasmoen, Philanthropic Advisor & Institutional Relations
612-844-4106, email

Jeffrey Gram, Gift Planner
612-844-4105, email

Jason Watt, Senior Gift Planner
612-844-4105, email

Community Grants & Services

Susan Hayes, Director of Community Grants & Services
612-844-4151, Email

Cindy Oberg-Hauser, Grants Associate
612-844-8663, Email

Rebecca Sauer, Senior Associate, Donor Services
612-844-4124, Email

Jonathan Schill, Donor Services Administrator
612-844-6878, Email

Communication & Technology Services

Lori Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager
612-844-4111, Email

Laura Dunford, Communications Associate
612-844-5848, Email

David Meier, Technology and Web Communications Manager
612-844-4148, Email

Brad VanSpriell, Technology Associate
612-844-3154, Email

Financial Services & Administration

Tom Peterson, Director of Financial Services & Administration
612-844-4107, Email

Nancy Ashland, Asset Services Administrator
920-628-4881, Email

Lois Ebnet, Finance Accountant
612-844-4128, Email

Her Vang, Senior Accountant
612-844-4117, Email