NOTE: The workshop to have taken place in Harrisburg PA on October 16, 17 and 18 has been CANCELLED due to lack of participation. LCF’s commitment to this work continues and we will be looking forward to more training in the future.  Online training opportunities are still available through our partnership with FaithTrust Institute.

The LCF Ending Family Violence Initiative grew out of collaboration between the LCF and Lutheran synods and social ministries. It aims to end an enduring epidemic of domestic violence with resources, education and awareness through congregations. The collaboration - Lutheran Advocates for Safe Families (LASF) - was created to inspire and refocus the movement within our faith community to address domestic and sexual violence.

Safe and Healthy Congregations is the initiative's first project, and its goal is to prepare clergy and lay leadership to intervene in and prevent family violence, as well as create safe congregations and facilities.

Through the LCF Ending Family Violence Initiative and in partnership with the ELCA Justice for Women in Church and Society, five Safe and Healthy Congregations Workshops took place in Baltimore (September 2009), Chicago (October 2010), San Francisco (February 2011) and Minneapolis (May 2012).

These workshops are facilitated by the Faith Trust Institute and are designed to help Lutheran ministers and lay leaders understand the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, and better equip them to respond to victims/survivors and abusers. Participant feedback indicates very high satisfaction with the training and high energy as they determine their next steps as a congregation. The LCF is committed to making this training available to as many congregations as possible and to that end will cover room/board/training expenses up to $1,100 per each person attending.

 Questions can be directed to Susan Hayes.